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Alexandre Mazzia

Alexandre Mazzia, the virtuoso chef of « Le Ventre de l’Architecte » in the « Cité Radieuse » of the Corbusier in Marseille

An unbelievable cuisine in an unbelievable decor!
Alexandre Mazzia is one of those chefs, oh so rare, whose sense of showmanship matches his culinary exploits. No two meals, even with the same dish, are ever the same.
Whether it be smoked, hot, cold, bitter, acidic or simply vegetable, prepare to be surprised!  
Alexandre was trained in the prestigious houses of Pierre Hermé, Alain Passard and Michel Bras, and to that rigorous training he has added his own unique brand of cheeky impertinance. And his extraordinary and exquisite combinations are the secret to the success of « le Ventre de l'Architecte ».

Le ventre de l’architecte

La Cité Radieuse – Immeuble le Corbusier
280 boulevard Michelet
13 008 Marseille
Tel : 04 91 16 78 23

Here are two of his recipes:

Barbecued red mullet, with safran sorbet
An interpretation of the forest – surf & turf : Gambas, Chicken “oysters”, salt-water clams, Souffléed chicken skin

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