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Guillaume Sourrieux

Guillaume Sourrieu

L’Epuisette, one Michelin star in Marseille

Five years ago Guillaume Sourieu took charge ofl'Epuisette, thus returning to his native Marseilles. With him he brought his long years of experience working alongside some of France's greatest chefs.
While respecting Mediterranean culinary tradition, Guillaume is an avid fan of mixing "surf and turf": alternating vegatables from Brittany with fresh fish from the Auffe Cove.
"I follow my feeling when it comes to cooking. I select all my products on a basis of quality and harmony. My goal is that for all of us, in the kitchen and at table, time spent here is a moment of exception."
The Auffe Cove is situated in the very heart of the town, a timelessand charming fishing port. L'Epuisette can be found at the end of the jetty, on the rocks overlooking the sea, and for more than fifty years its guests have enjoyed the vista of the islands opposite while dining.
Not content with the marvels of nature, l'Epuisette provides us also with a sophisticated cuisine in total harmony with its surroundings.
Discover 3 of Guillaume's recipes:

Choco jivari Citron
Le Croustillant tout chocolat
Le Foie gras aux figues

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