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lionel Levy

Lionel Lévy, the Mediterranean instinct

Une Table, au Sud. One Michelin star in the Vieux Port in Marseille

A touch of Marocco with a Toulouse accent, culinary adventure, deliciously southern and all concocted with a steady hand.

A graduate of the famous Ducasse school of cuisine, where he spent six years, this young master chef (one Michelin star obtained in 2005) shines with novelty and excellence. Constantly creative, the menu is an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colours and spices.

lionel Levy

A feast for the senses

The aromas of Essaouira waft over the ingenious creations of Lionel Lévy, Florence and their team.

Whatever dish you choose you’ll discover rare vegetables and marvellous local fish selected right in the Vieux Port of Marseille, combined delightfully to tickle your every sense.

Une Table, Au Sud

A table yes, but not just any table. One of the south. One of Provence. Cuisine at its most noble. The menu changes every two weeks, adhering to the local cycles of the Mistral wind, the fishing seasons and the sunshine.


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