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Organic fermentation

We try to intervene as little as possible in the fermentation process.

Our attitude is that with healthy organic grapes picked at just the right time, the fermentation in the vats will happen on its own.

Organic fermentation methods

First of all, the vine stalks are separated from the grapes; then the grapes slide down into the vats.No industrial yeasts are used. Traditional fermentation methods are effected in the oak vats or cement tanks containing 30 hl (16 ½ UK gallons/ 20 US gallons) or 40 hl (22 UK gallons/ 26 ½ US gallons).
We are convinced that the success of the wine depends on the first nine months of the year, and not after harvesting. A healthy grape will produce a wine of quality.
Maceration is short – just two to four weeks. We try to produce light wines to be enjoyed young, but which will improve with age. After malolactic fermentation the wine is left in the oak vats or cement tanks until bottling, in the following Spring for the “B”, and 18 months later for La Brillane and Flora.

Minimal use of sulphites

We are frequently asked if we add sulphites to our wines. The answer is “yes”. 35% of our production is exported to Japan, the USA and across Europe, and the wines need the SO2 to ship with no structural damage. But as in all things, it’s all a question of proportion.  We use the strict minimum of sulphites necessary to ensure the stability of our wines while continuing to evolve and improve with age. We use approximately 30% of the legal quantity of sulphites allowed.

As long as the grapes are healthy, no sulphites are added until after the malolactic fermentation process is completed. Just before bottling an adjustment is effected in order to preserve the stability of the wine.

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