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Flora 2008

Flora 2008

Flora is only produced when we consider the

harvest good enough. Only our very best grapes

are used. The strong sunshine of Provence and the old Grenache grapes combine with the Cabernet-Sauvignon to produce a sensual and balanced wine, which can be laid down successfully. Can be drunk after only twelve months, but can also be kept ten years.


Appellation : AOC Coteaux d’Aix en Provence

Average age of the vines : 25 years old

Soil: clay-chalk

Grape varieties: Cabernet-Sauvignon and old Grenache

Wine-making process : organic production certified by the Ecocert label (French Organic label)

Harvest: Exclusively by hand. The grapes are selected at the foot of the vines, then transported to the wine-making halls in special trays.

Wine processing: Detailed selection of the desired grapes, separation of the vine stalks from the grapes; then the grapes slide down into oak vats of 30 hl . Fermentation is realized with natural yeasts from the grapes themselves.

Traditional fermentation methods are effected in the oak vats. Temperatures are kept constant, the juice is collected naturally by gravity, and the free-run wine is separated from the pressed wine. Minimal quantities of SO2 are used.

Maturation: I8 months in oak vats

Quantities produced: 5.300 bottles

Bottled at the Domaine, with minimum filtration.

Yields: 32HL / Hectare (4 UK gallons/ 4.8 US gallons per acre)

SO2: 55mg/litre (cf maximum authorised for red wine is 160 mg/litre, or 80 mg/litre in organic cultures)

Tasting notes

Colour: This wine has a dark red hue with a tint of ruby and brick.

Smell: Its complex aroma combines vanilla, liquorice, tobacco and jellied fruits.

Taste: Extremely full-bodied, the tannin in evidence, the spicy under-taste reacts surprisingly to a hint of chocolate.

To be served between 16° and 18° C. (57° - 60° F.)


n To be drunk with a wide variety of meats in sauce, including game.

Available in bottles (75ml) or magnums (150ml)

Sold in cartons of 6 or 12 bottles

Price : Bottle 75ml € 17.50 Magnum € 35.00

Prices include sales tax but exclude shipping costs.

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