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Margot 2008


Organic wine:Margot.

Produced initially for Gérald Passédat, chef at Le Petit Nice in Marseille, this sweet wine is an ode to the grape, collected individually by hand, vine by vine.

An exquisite and very Provençal wine, to be enjoyed by connoisseurs with dessert.  Gérald Passédat recommends it particularly as the accompaniment to chocolate or fruit desserts.


Appellation: Vin de Table.

Age of the vines : 45 years old

Soil: clay-chalk

Grape varieties: Old Grenache,

Wine-making process : organic production certified by the Ecocert label (French Organic label)

Harvest: Exclusively by hand. The grapes are selected at the foot of the vines, then transported to the wine-making hall in special trays.

Wine processing: Dried for two months to amplify the sugar and acidity, then tread on foot in the traditional manner. Pressing effected after the start of fermentation, then transfer to stainless steel vats. Winter storage outside the hall to improve the filtering process.

Maturation: 8 months in stainless steel vats

Quantities produced: 500 bottles

Bottled at the Domaine

Sugar level: 180 mg/litre

Colour: Light red with a golden reflection

Smell: A mixture of alcoholised, glacéd fruit, orange peel and a hint of spice.

Taste: An explosion of  alcoholised, glacéd fruit and orange peel. Sweet yet fresh.

To be served between 3° and 5° C. (37° - 40° F.)

Accompanying dishes:  Chocolate and fruit desserts, fig tart, apricot tart, Black Forest gateau…….

Available in bottles of 50ml

Price : Bottle 50ml  € 40.00  

Price includes sales tax but excludes shipping costs.



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