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17th July 2012: the labour in the vines is over

The grapes are starting to ripen!

17th July 2012: the labour in the vines is over

We have finished in the vines for this year, turning the soil over one last time and picking some early grapes among the Grenache where they were too tensely packed.
Up until the end of July we continued to thin out the foliage and eliminated the buds on the lower part of the vines, in order for the grapes to receive more sunlight, and to reduce the risks of fungal growth.
The vines are in a healthy state, and the grapes too. The fine, dry weather which has prevailed since mid-June has prevented the spread of any diseases.

The lack of rain during the summer has not been a problem, as the deep soil and well-irrigated soil of La Brillane had sufficient rain during the Spring to ensure full maturity of the berries.
Ripening began during the first days of August, so we expect grape-picking to begin around mid-September.The exact date will depend on the weather the next few days.
And these same weather conditions will be a determining factor in shaping the character of the 2012 wines, for which we are very optimistic at the moment.

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