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In the fields, October 3rd.

In the fields, October 3rd.

Right now we have suspended grape-picking, but very shortly our team of grape-pickers will be back in the vines, fresh and revigorated. This year’s harvest has been particularly complex, and in our region many wine-growers have chosen to pause a moment before completing this year’s crop gathering.
Acidity levels are high this year, and while this can be an advantage for the rosés, a greater maturity is necessary for the red wines, particularly those destined to be laid down.
After careful consideration we therefore decided that patience is the order of the day.
The grapes still growing on the vines are healthy. The airing of the vines effected this Spring, disposing of excess foliage and careful weeding has allowed the grapes to breathe. We can afford to wait to harvest, with no fear of the rain announced for tomorrow.
We should be able to collect the rest of the Syrah, Counoise, Carignan and some Cabernet in the second half of this week. Then next week we can devote ourselves to the Mourvèdre and the rest of the Cabernet-Sauvignon, if their maturity allows it.

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