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Flora 2007 show-cased in « A Table », the weekly supplement of la Provence

Flora 2007 : the perfect wine for the art of seduction!

Flora 2007 is analysed and recommended for a romantic dinner by Karine Turac, wine steward at Une table, au Sud, one of Marseille’s finest restaurants.

She writes: “Flora is a Coteaux d’Aix, a combination of Cabernet-sauvignon and Grenache. The cabernet brings spice to the mixture, with hints of basting and peppers, while the Grenache adds a crisp fruitiness to the blend, with aromas of grape and ripe strawberries and raspberries. I find this wine particularly elegant, conveying the passion of the wine-makers.  It should be drunk at room temperature.

The spicy Cabernet presence appeals to the male consumer, while the gentle tannin flavour of the Grenache is popular with the ladies. Excellent for a first dinner date, when first impressions are so important.”

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