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Fermentation, December 1st

Fermentation is now almost completed – only the Cabernet Sauvignon has got quite finished its malo-lactic process.

Fermentation, December 1st

As soon as that is done, we shall start opening the cellar doors in the early hours of the morning and let the cold night air cool the fermented wines down. This is the natural method to filter any unstable particles in the wine and avoids the necessity to filter mechanically.
This is particularly important for the “Margot”, our dessert wine, which has completed fermentation. At really 15° of alcohol, Margot wine still contains 150 g / litre of residual sugar. We shall place it outdoors for the next two months, and let the winter weather do its work.
The breeding has now begun on the other wines. With most of the vats our main task until spring will be to taste regularly in order to make sure the wines are progressing as they should.
During the winter we also need to monitor the levels in the vats. Cold weather will compact the wine and reduce volumes. In the oak vats the wood also absorbs some of the liquid and provokes a sort of evaporation (known as “the angels ‘portion”). In order to prevent oxydation we shall thus have to top up the vats each week. For the vats producing the Rosé and the “B”, blending will begin in February, after sampling has finished and the final composition decided upon.

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