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The Cellar, October 3rd.

The Cellar, October 3rd.

Over the last two weeks we have put our first rosé into production. We now have three stainless steel fermentation vats in action. One fermenting basically Grenache, one fermenting Syrah, and the third containing a mixture of Cinsault, Counoise and Carignan.
Fermentation is proceeding as planned. The temperature is regulated between 15° and 17°C       (56 – 59°F), and the fruity aromas beginning to develop.
The Grenache and Cinsault grapes are producing a clear liquid, reminding us of salmon and peach respectively, while the colour of the Syrah is more intense, nearer to a raspberry colour for the free-run wine, and cherry for the pressed product.
As far as the red wines are concerned, the two vats of Grenache have already completed fermentation.
The young Grenache has its usual fruity character, so necessary for the “B” of springtime, and the old Grenache appears to be sufficiently structured for inclusion into the future Brillane 2010.  
At the start of next week, possibly on Tuesday, it will be time to pull off the free-run wine and begin pressing.
There are only two other red wine vats currently fermenting; both contain a very promising Cabernet Sauvignon.
With the temporary halt to grape-picking since last Friday, activity in the cellar has slowed down. Everyone is taking a breather before getting back to action for the second half of the harvest.

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