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The harvest 2010

We are pleased with this year’s harvest.

The harvest 2010

This year the chief difficulty was to remain patient while the Syrah, Mourvèdre and cabernet Sauvignon reached their optimum maturity. And our patient was rewarded: the grapes were healthy and mature. No additional of sulphate was necessary and fermentation occurred without hindrance.
This is the sign of a good Millésime when we can let nature do all the work with no addition of substances.
Meanwhile we are impatient to begin the pre-blending of our First Rosé. The Syrah for which we have held our breath for so long is now ready. Aromas of strawberry and raspberry jostle for position. The Grenache has retained a definite note of white petals. It also carries an acidic after taste to delight the palate.
We can’t wait for March to arrive to taste the first Rosé of the Domaine de la Brillane!

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